Actual size is 12mm (approx. 1/2 inch)

How does the AVID MicroChip work?

The AVID MicroChip is a sophisticated computer chip which is pre-programmed with a totally unique identification number. The device is encapsulated within a biocompatible glass material, which means that there is virtually no chance of the body developing an allergy or trying to reject the MicroChip, after being properly implanted.

The MicroChip contains no battery or power source, and is powered by the MicroChip scanner. When a vet, dog warden or rescue centre finds an animal, the unique MicroChip number is displayed to them using a special scanner. With one simple free phone call to AVID’s 24 hr Pet MicroChip Database, PETtrac, the authorised person can be provided with your contact details. Your pet can then be reunited directly with you. Now you can enjoy real peace of mind!

The AVID MicroChip is suitable for almost any pet, including dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, rabbits, birds, exotics and even fish!